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Bluesign standards

Aral Sea at 1989 and 2008.
Camels are currently grazing at the Aral Sea

We are the only nautical luxury brand that is toxin free and prevents our seas and lakes from disappearing using bluesign certified fabrics. The Aral sea in Kazakhstan used to be a sea, but disappeared due to cotton irrigation. (Check it on Google Maps)

STAT innovates

The essence of our products is one of purity, luxury and Dutch minimalism.

  • Pure: No residue of herbicides and pesticides
  • Pure: Save water, don’t waste or pollute it
  • Luxury: Luxurious fabrics. High class fashion design
  • Luxury: Cooperation with different accessory designers every season according to theme
  • Luxury: Fair trade production
  • Minimalism: No Haberdasheries; No zippers, buttons, etc.
  • Minimalism: Minimalistic cut, aim for zero waste

We innovate by not only preventing toxins to enter our skin, but also to enter the ground waters. We achieve this by only using fabrics that are made from recycled fibers, pesticide and chemical-free fabrics and fabrics that minimize the use of water, energy and chemicals. In spite of what you might think, these fabrics can have a very luxurious feel to them.

And just as important, we don’t use haberdasheries. The abundance of creativity in our design team leads to innovative designs without the need for haberdasheries. After all, haberdasheries are mostly the reason for people to throw away their clothes: a broken zipper, missing buttons, worn out elastic. Even more, most haberdasheries take much longer to perish than fabric alone. A simple innovation perhaps, but isn’t it brilliant?

We collaborate with accessory designers to design accessories that intercept any inconvenience that this way of designing might cause.

More about the bluesign standard

All of our fabrics comply with the bluesign standards. Up to every thread in the clothing you wear. These standards are based on five criteria.

  1. Resource productivity
  2. Consumer safety and protection
  3. Air emission
  4. Water emission
  5. Occupational health and safety

Listen to the CEO Peter Waeber, who explains you the bluesign standard in less than 5 minutes.


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